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How Do I Get Started?

Buying Your First Home

There are plenty of things to think about when buying a new home, especially when it is your first home. Allow me to make your first home purchase as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible.

The decision to buy your first home, whether you’ve been renting for years, or finally moving out of your parent’s home, isn’t one to be taken lightly. It really is a big deal! You will likely have plenty of questions, from what you can afford to where is the best location that meets your needs. As a REALTORĀ®, I am here to help you get all of the answers in order to make the best decision possible.

One of the aspects of working in real estate that I really enjoy is showing homes to prospective buyers, especially first-time home buyers. Your first home is always something special as it is something you’ve worked hard to get, and is the largest investment one can make.

Taking Your First Steps to Home Ownership

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So you’ve decided to jump into home ownership feet first. It’s time to get in touch with me to set up a meeting to go over the details of the home buying process, buyer representation, and get a game plan together for what your needs are.

Using a REALTORĀ® to help find you a home should be a no-brainer. Buying services are typically free and you have full representation and backing of an entire brokerage working for you.

After we complete our initial consultation, I recommend that you talk to your mortgage broker or specialist to get your mortgage pre-approval. I can provide you with a list of recommended mortgage specialists if you don’t have one. Knowing what you are approved for up front allows us to define a budget to work with. This way we will not be wasting time and resources on looking at properties that are out of the range of affordability. Now that you are pre-approved, let’s get on with the fun part!
We now know what you can comfortably afford and put together a game plan. Here’s where the fun begins. I will search the market for listings that meet as much of your criteria as possible. Once we find a few contenders, it’s time to get into the homes and look around the property. I will make all necessary showing appointments that fit your schedule. Keep an open mind when visiting the listings, realizing things like paint colours, light fixtures and even appliances can easily be changed. As we go through the homes, I will look for and point out specific concerns regarding such things as the foundation, windows, roof, plumbing, electrical and hvac. Feel free to ask me any questions you have at this time or make notes and take pictures.
We have spent several days, weeks or even months searching for the perfect property for you. You’ve found one that meets your needs and can even envision growing a family here. It’s time to make an offer.

I will present you with comparable properties in the area that have recently sold to make sure we are offering a fair price and certainly not overpaying when we don’t need to. Sometimes the market dictates when to overpay, not the value of the property. The offer will include such things as the amount, the closing date (the day you take possession), specific conditions and clauses. I will negotiate the entire process and try to keep it as stress-free as possible.

Take a look at this sample offer with explanations.

Doesn’t it feel good to be accepted? After a few back and forth dealings, the offer has finally been accepted. Congratulations! You’ve kept your cool throughout the negotiations and made a terrific purchase.

The next steps include a visit back to your mortgage broker to finalize the financing, arranging a home inspection and taking care of any other special conditions in the offer. Once all conditions are met, the offer is considered “firmed up” and property sold. Our brokerage office will handle all documents and communications with your lawyer.

Now it’s time to start packing!

Closing day has finally arrived and you head to your lawyer’s office to pick up the keys to your first house. I am always available if any issues arise on your closing day and will more than likely stop by to see if you require anything during the move.

Even after you move in, you can contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. I am always here to help!

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