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Buying Services

Whether you are a looking to buy your first home or moving up to your next home, I look forward to the challenge of finding the perfect one that fits your needs. Purchasing a new home is a big investment, and searching on your own is a job that you just shouldn’t take on by yourself. Allow me to do the leg work for you and move you up to your next home.

  • Search for, and qualify select properties that meet your requirements
  • Contact listing brokerages to make arrangements for showing of properties and gathering additional listing information
  • Research market data and use comparable property sales to ensure the listing you offer on is priced according to market conditions
  • Provide reputable contacts such as mortgage specialists, lawyers and home inspectors
  • Provide any information regarding government incentives and programs
  • Prepare the offer including proper clauses and conditions that are of benefit & protection for you, the Buyer
  • Negotiate the purchase of the property and filing required legal documents
  • Arrange pre-closing appointments for activities such as a home inspection and final inspection
  • Continued support even after the closing date to ensure you keep enjoying your new home

This is a fun and exciting time but also hectic and mind-boggling for many first-time buyers. I will be here to listen to your concerns and keep you focused on the main goal. I am here as a guide and a sounding board, tell me what you do and don’t like, what you can and can’t live without and deal breakers.  My goal is to provide the best service to you and make the home purchase process run smooth with minimal stress.

The Buyer Representation Agreement is a document that protects both the buyer and brokerage, and gives the buyer the highest standard duty of care and full representation of their interests by a brokerage. Information a buyer shares with the buyer’s agent must be kept confidential and not be disclosed to any other party.

As there are obligations on the brokerage to the buyer, there are also obligations on the buyer to the brokerage. It is best to know and understand these before signing an agreement.

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The buyer must only deal with the representing brokerage. Buyers cannot take it upon themselves to contact or negotiate with other agents or brokerages regarding properties for sale. The brokerage acts as the buyer’s agent and will take care of these aspects of the process.
The buyer must understand the commission portion of the representation agreement. In the majority of real estate transactions commission is paid by the seller, however there are instances where a buyer may be required to pay a commission. The agreement states a commission percentage or amount is payable by the buyer for situations where a seller may not agree to pay a commission. Such an example is when a buyer is interested in a private sale property and the seller does not want to pay out a commission. Therefore, any commission would be payable by the buyer. However, these situations are very rare.
The buyer must choose an expiration date for the buyer representation agreement. The agreement sets an expiry date at which time, if a suitable property is not found, the buyer may choose to extend the agreement or allow the agreement to expire and work with another brokerage if necessary.
The buyer must understand the ‘Holdover Period’. A holdover period is a time period after the representation agreement ends (such as 60 days) that a buyer would still be responsible to pay a commission to the brokerage if the buyer decides to purchase a property that was originally shown to them while the representation agreement was in effect.
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Buyer Representation Agreement

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The pre-approval gives me a good idea of what you can afford and allows me to search properties within your budget. It also tells me that you are serious about getting into a new home. I can provide you with a list of mortgage specialists and brokers that you may want to contact when shopping around for a mortgage package.

Once you are pre-approved for a mortgage, we can get started on the fun part, searching for your new home. I will show you listings in your price range that best match your needs and criteria we discussed in the initial consultation.

Please keep in mind that a simple pre-approval does not always mean that this is the mortgage amount you will receive when it comes time to make a home purchase. The pre-approval may guarantee an interest rate, but not necessarily a mortgage amount. Things can change by the time it comes to put an offer in on a listing. Your personal credit, debts outstanding, and income will be scrutinized further when the actual mortgage application is completed.

I suggest you ask your mortgage specialist any questions you have regarding debt and credit rating and how it affects obtaining a suitable mortgage.